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Producer | DJ | Audio Engineer | Educator

Emerging from the American midwest, Mikrodot's music maintains heavy dubstep’s infectious energy, but redefined in the context of the genre’s more minimal, dub-flavored sound system tradition. Coupled with a positive message and world instruments, the result is a sound uniquely his own: sometimes aggressive - often meditative - and unapologetically wonky.


Mikrodot's passion for music is propelled by his formal education in music production, enabling him to creatively navigate the digital music industry. He prioritizes creating genuine music and fostering a vibrant community over commercial success, often self-releasing tracks or collaborating with friends. He has already made an impact on respected platforms like DUPLOC, Foundation Audio, and his own label, High Vibration Audio.


As a DJ, Mikrodot's prowess on sound systems has earned him fans worldwide. With his mastery of the 140 sound, he has captivated audiences in numerous states across the US and continues to expand his reach. Mikrodot's performances are not just about entertainment; they are a means to heal and uplift others through the power of sound.

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