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Highly Addictive (Stems)

Highly Addictive (Stems)

These stems are a way of thanking you all for 12K Soundcloud followers! I hope they inspire, and are fun to work with. In case you're not familiar with the concept of "Highly Addictive," I would just like to note that the idea behind it is that music is the drug. It's not a reference to anything other than music, nor am I promoting the use of drugs. In fact, when working on and releasing the EP I was battling addiction, and of course still am. Music is what helped me through some of the more difficult times of my life. As far as my alias and advocation of psychedelics goes, I whole heartedly believe in a quote Terence McKenna once said, which is, "the psychedelic movement is an anti-drug movement." I just wanted to clarify that with everyone.


Much love and respect!

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