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Mikrodot Riddim Pack

Mikrodot Riddim Pack

Although I started producing deep dubstep, there was a time when I made both deep and riddim. This was during the Martians era for me, and I think a lot of listeners grew to know me as someone who made both. But, there was a time when I felt pulled to start producing deep only again, and basically buried that part of myself, which included all of these old tunes, making it really difficult for people to find them. I had an internal struggle going on that I still feel sometimes today. The way I perceive it is a battle between lower and higher versions of self. I've learned more recently how to truly love and appreciate those lower aspects of myself, recognizing all versions of self as God, while still trying to attain my highest and best aspects of self. That being said, I would like to apologize to people who really enjoyed the previous version of the Mikrodot project. I hope this can be a sort of reconciliation to them. However, we are ever evolving beings, and with that in mind, I know my music will be ever evolving as well. Huge respect to everyone who has continued listening to my music through it all. Special shout out to Tony Burton, aka TrypZ, who sent me quite a few of these tunes that I had lost. I hope you enjoy this free pack of almost 50 tunes, it's my way of giving back for the holidays.


With love,




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